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System Requirement

  • Processor : Pentium Class or higher class processors

  • Operating System : Windows (Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 2003) and Macintosh (Mac 10.4 x tiger, 10.3.9 Panther, and 10.5 x leopard)

  • Memory : At least 256MB of RAM(recommended)

  • Hard Disk : 30 MB of free disk space


"Thanks for the great software. It really helped me to recover my deleted photos."

Recover Deleted Photos from Minolta Digital Camera

Minolta Co. Ltd, is a well known name in the world of digital cameras and accessories. It was first to produce integrated digital SLR cameras. It is best for clicking high quality images and is a real delight for photo lovers taking pictures for professional or amateur purposes. Minolta Dimage is the best of 7, 7i ,7Hi series. It is capable to capture images of high resolution as it is powered with a 5 megapixel camera. It is equipped with powerful 7x zoom options to capture distant images. The images are stored on the memory card which makes it easy to save large number of image files. Although the images are safe and secured with the memory card but some technical or human error can delete the photos saved on the Minolta cameras. However, the Minolta users need not worry as the deleted or lost images can be recovered with Minolta Deleted Photo Recovery process.

Minolta digital cameras stores images in the RAW file format as MRW file extension. It is the proprietary File format exclusively used by Minolta digital cameras. The RAW file format data are similar to negatives and need to be processed for producing images. However sometimes any technical snag or human error may delete your favorite pictures or images. Some of the prime factors responsible for loss of images are

Photo Loss Scenario in Minolta

  • accidental deletion due to human error
  • formatting of memory card
  • mishandling of the Minolta camera
  • damaged memory card
  • virus corruption
  • clicking images when the battery is low.

Any of the above mentioned causes may result in loss of images from Minolta digital camera. However, the images if deleted is not permanently lost and can be recovered by employing Minolta Deleted Photo Recovery procedure. The user need to use powerful third party photo recovery utility that supports RAW file format as MRW file extension. The tool is best and has been professionally designed to support recovery of photos, video and even audio files from various brands of digital cameras including Minolta.

So if you have lost your favorite images from Minolta digital camera, just do not panic as Minolta Deleted Photo Recovery is now possible!