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System Requirement

  • Processor : Pentium Class or higher class processors

  • Operating System : Windows (Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 2003) and Macintosh (Mac 10.4 x tiger, 10.3.9 Panther, and 10.5 x leopard)

  • Memory : At least 256MB of RAM(recommended)

  • Hard Disk : 30 MB of free disk space


"Thanks for the great software. It really helped me to recover my deleted photos."

Fix MTS File Error : Restore Corrupted MTS File

Are you unable to open your favorite MTS video file? Do you getting MTS file error while playing it? If yes then leave your worry because this page has the solution for your problem. Today camcorders are used by both professional as well as beginners. Almost all the camcorder use to store videos and pictures in MTS file format. Camcorder available today deliver good quality videos but the problem is these video file easily get corrupt or damage. Once the MTS video file get corrupted then it refuse to play and whenever user open it they will encounter some error message. Sometime corruption is severe which also result in data loss and you never want to lose your precious videos.

Pictures and videos are the only way through which we can look back into our cherish moment. If you also have some memorable videos then you can understand the feeling which arise when you want to play those videos but you can't. Really this is annoying when you attempt to access MTS Video file but some MTS issue occur. There are many user who encounter MTS file error but they don't know the reason behind this error and start doing unnecessary things which result in data loss too. While trying to play MTS video file you can encounter different kind of error.

Error Occur Due To Corruption Of MTS Video File

If your MTS Video file get corrupted or damaged due to any reason then whenever you try to play them you will encounter one of the following MTS error:

  • "An error occurred loading .mts file"
  • "Can not open MTS Video File"
  • "Disk not detected"
  • "Problem with .MTS file: Incorrect Video Length"
  • "Drive not formatted"

What Are The Reason Behind MTS File Error?

You can get MTS file error when it get corrupted or damaged. A MTS video file can get corrupted or damaged due to number of reason. Most of the time the corruption occur due to mistake of users. Let's have a look on the factor which corrupt MS file and throw MTS file error.

  • Malware attack : Attack of any dangerous malware on the storage device on which the MTS video files are stored.
  • Storage Media Bad Sector : Sometime storage media have bad sector and if your MTS files are saved on that bad sector then it easily get corrupt.
  • File Transfer Interruption : Occurrence of interruption while moving your MTS file to system will also cause corruption of files and lead to MTS file error.
  • Wrong use of device : Using your camera to record videos in low battery will lead to corruption of your important MTS video files.
  • Incompatible media player : Sometime the media player in which you are trying to play MTS video is incompatible which also corrupt the file.

There should be some more reason behind corruption of MTS file which lead to MTS file error. But the best thing is you can avoid corruption in your MTS video file by following some prevention tips.

How To Prevent Corruption Of MTS Video File?

Getting avchd mts error while playing your important or favorite MTS video file is always annoying. By following some steps you can avoid corruption of your file which result in MTS file error. Such as :

  • Avoid storing video on storage media which is infected by virus.
  • Practice backup of your important MTS file on a regular basis.
  • Have patience while transferring our video file to system.
  • Play MTS video file only in such media-player which is compatible.
  • Refrain from using the same memory card in different storage device.
  • Pay attention while converting MTS video file in other file format.

Can I Restore My MTS Video File After Error?

Yes, you can restore corrupted or damaged MTS video file after error. First of all look for backup if you have created on your system or some other storage device. If you have backup then you can easily restore your file and play them again. Don't worry if you don't have backup because you can still restore your videos. For that you need to use an efficient recovery software. But before you go for recovery it is suggested to stop storing any new data on your system or memory card otherwise i will make the recovery hard.

Software To Restore Corrupted MTS Video File

No need to worry if you are getting error while trying to play your MTS video file. Using a third party software you can easily restore the corrupted file which is causing the error. There are lots of software available which is presented as the best recovery program. But all promises are not always real. Hence we have searched, tested and collected some of the best recovery software which safely restore your file after MTS file error and allow you to enjoy them once again. So have a look on them and select the suitable one.

Software Ratings Speed Download
Stellar MTS File Recovery Software 5/5 Fast
EaseUS MTS File Recovery Software 3.5/5 Slow
Minitool MTS File Recovery Software 4/5 Average

1.) Stellar MTS File Recovery Software

Stellar MTS file recovery software is an outstanding program which easily restore your corrupted MTS videos. Getting MTS file error while playing important or favorite video is always irritating. But this software is designed to easily recover the corrupted video file which arise issue during play. Your MTS file may get corrupted or damaged due to number of reason but the software is strong enough to restore those files. It is equipped with advanced scanning algorithm which scan the storage device on which your MTS files where stored and safely recover them. In addition the software is also capable of recovering deleted, lost or formatted MTS videos. It is simple to use even a normal user can easily utilize it to get benefited with its recovery features. So you can go for this software if you are getting MTS file error.

Key Features Of Stellar MTS File Recovery Software

  • Easily restore corrupted or damaged MTS video file.
  • Recover data from all external and internal storage device.
  • Capable of restoring MTS file from corrupted & formatted device.
  • Enable recovery of different types of video and image file formats.
  • Allow user to pause and resume the recovery process at any time.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Advance scanning module Not found yet..
Supports all storage device  
Provide preview of data  


User's Review

"Amazing experience...I accidentally some of my important video files while previewing them. Those video are of my close friend's wedding so i can't afford to lose them. I was sad because i have no option to get back those videos. But finally i got this software which help me to regain those videos. ".- Shawn Harley


"Losing your videos and pictures always hurt specially when you are a photographer. I have stored lots of multimedia file on an external hard disk which i formatted accidentally. It was a disaster for me because every single file was wiped out. Thanks to this software to get me back those files".- Charles Steve

2.) EaseUS MTS File Recovery Software

EaseUS MTS file recovery software is an exhaustive recovery program that can restore a wide range of mixed media records including the MTS video files. It doesn't make a difference under which conditions you have lost your MTS files. It is really annoying when MTS file error occur while playing your favorite video but now you don't have to panic. This software can retrieve lost, deleted and damaged files effortlessly. The product is perfect with Windows and in addition Mac working computer. So no stresses on the off chance that you have lost your MTS files from you can recoup them easily using this software. Getting error while playing MTS file clearly indicate the file is corrupted but with the help of this software you can easily restore your video.

Key Features Of EaseUS MTS File Recovery Software

  • Restore corrupted MTS and other video file format with ease.
  • Recover data from corrupted or formatted memory card.
  • Provide option to preview data prior recovery.
  • Supports recovery on all camera and storage device.
  • Compatible with both Windows as well as Mac computer.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Ensure fast data recovery Take more time to scan
Not modify original data Become slow on some OS
Easy user interface Consume more space


User's Review

"One of the best recovery software i get. I accidentally erased some of my video files from my digital camera. There was no any backup so i think it is impossible to get those files back. But the software has done the work and retrieve all my important videos. Thanks..".- Shane Brook


"Last night i formatted my memory card but later i thought that it contains some important video files. There was no other option then regretting because i can't reverse the process. Thanks to my friend who told me about this software which allow me to get back all the data back.".- Jenny Grand

3.) Minitool MTS File Recovery Software

Minitool MTS file recovery software is another recovery program in our list which can help user to restore their favorite MTS video file after corruption. If you have ever face the situation whre you have clicked important videos from your camera and they fail to play or display MTS file error. This happen when the file get damage or corrupt. But if you have this software then you can easily restore your file. Apart from corrupted or damaged file it also allow users to recover lost or deleted MTS video file from any storage device. Because of its latest recovery features the software is capable of dealing with any data loss scenario and safely recovers your file.

Key Features Of Minitool MTS File Recovery Software

  • Safely recovers files after MTS file error from system.
  • Different recovery module which the software make more effective.
  • Compatible with all the video file format including MTS.
  • Facilitate users to do data recovery in just few easy steps.
  • Simple interface and supports both Windows and Mac OS.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Easy recovery process Consume more RAM
Scan device quickly Become sluggish sometime
Support all OS Not support some format


User's Review

"I have a 8 GB pen drive in which i have complete video of my friends marriage. But during the transfer process i accidentally remove the pen-drive after which all the video become inaccessible. But using this recovery software i easily get back all those important video file. Thanks a lot.."- William Frand


"I have lots of video file saved on my system in MTS format. But today when I try to play those file I get MTS file error. This is really irritating because I am unable to play my favorite videos. At last I use this software on suggestion of a friend and it has recover those files."- Molnar Liz

4.) Recuva MTS File Recovery Software

Recuva MTS file recovery software is another superior software which is capable to restore MTS file. No matter if you are unable to play your MTS file because of MTS file error or they get deleted or lost, using this software you can easily get them back in just few steps. The software is equipped with latest recovery and scanning module which deeply scan your system and recover even those MTS file which is hard to find. In addition the software can also be utilize to restore files from damage and recently formatted hard drives. The best part is you can use this software to recover data from any storage device, recycle bin, MP4 player and digital camera.

Key Features Of Recuva MTS File Recovery Software

  • Restore files quickly and safely after MTS file error.
  • Equipped with advance deep scanning mode which scours your device.
  • Rescue lost, deleted, formatted MTS and other video files.
  • Supports recovery on almost all the storage device.
  • Compatible with all Windows OS, including 32-bit & 64-bit versions.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Different recovery mode Support only Windows
Quick scan device Incompatible with some file
Provide preview of data Installer add other file


User's Review

"Today when I was doing some important work my PC get crashed. After that I lost number of files including some multimedia files. It was really a scary moment but fortunately I get this software. It really help me lot and rescue all those files. Thanks a lot.."- Wise Hardy


"As a photographer you never want to lose your pictures because it directly affect your business. But this disaster happens with me where I accidentally deleted some wedding pictures. It was really a hard time for me because I don't have backup. But get this software which rescue those pictures."- Jeff Renae

Download Recuva Photo Recovery Software


Hope you have read about all the software. The software mentioned above are tested by expert and all are capable of recovering MTS file. But if we have to select the best then it is recommended to go with Stellar MTS file recovery software. This is an amazing software which has won trust of user in recovering data. It has millions of satisfied user across the globe who get benefited by its features. Like other file format MTS is also prone to damage or corruption and because of that user can get MTS file error. But if you have this software then no need to worry anymore, because it will rescue your data and restore safely so that you can access them once again.

It is designed by panel of expert which contains some unique features which make this software best from other. The best part of this software it doesn't alter the original content of your file because it works on read only principal. Without doubt it is best recovery software available today and more effective than other paid or free software.

User Guide For Stellar MTS File Recovery Software

MTS File Recovery For Windows

  • Download and start software. Then Click on ‘Recover Photo, Audio & Video’.
  • Select your prefered hard drive or external storage device.
  • Specific format from Advanced Settings can also be selected. Click on Scan now.
  • This will display the progress report of scanning process.
  • You will all the recovered file, select a prefered location to restore.


MTS File Recovery For Mac

  • Start software for Mac and click on ‘Recover Photo, Audio & Video’ option.
  • All your attached media & drive will be listed. Select the one and click on Scan now.
  • The software will start scanning your device and you can see the progress report.
  • After scanning, all your files get listed. Provide a location to restore those files.